Title: Prediction of Keyword Spotting Accuracy Based on Simulation
Author: Y.Yamashita
Reference: Proc. of 6th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology (Eurospeech '99), 3, pp.1235-1238 (1999).

Abstract: This paper proposes a method of predicting accuracy of keyword spotting in terms of FA count and spotting score of correct detections. A new measure F for predicting the FA count is calculated by simulation of the keyword spotting for phoneme sequences that phoneme-based language model generates. Another measure C for predicting the spotting score of correct detections is obtained from a product of correct recognition probabilities of phonemes. Both correlation coefficients and prediction errors are used to evaluate these measures in comparison with a simple measure of the keyword phoneme length, L. The prediction errors of FA count based on L was 7.71. The measure F reduced the prediction errors by 16%, and it had stronger correlation with the FA count. Furthermore a combined measure of F and L reduced the errors by 23%. On the other hand, L was more effective to predict the spotting score of correct detections than the measure C.

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