Title: Dialog Context Dependencies of Utterances Generated from Concept Representation
Author: Yoichi Yamashita, Keiichi Tajima, Yasuo Nomura and Riichiro Mizoguchi
Reference: Proc. of 1994 International Congerence on Spoken Language Processinng (ICSLP'94), Yokohama, Vol.2, pp.971-974.

In our framework of the speech output interface based on concept-to-speech conversion, sentence generation according to dialog context is a crucial issue to be discussed. Understanding of the diversity of surface sentences and relation between them and dialog context enables such an interface system to generate spoken utterances with high quality. This paper describes two experiments in order to investigate dialog context dependencies of utterances in written dialog. In the first experiment, sentences are twice generated from the same concept representation under two situations; sentences are generated isolatedly or generated by referring the preceding utterances in the dialog. A lot of differences are observed between a set of sentence pairs and classified into 22 categories. The second experiment examined preference of various expressions based on the categories obtained from the first experiment and verified substantiality of each category for sentence generation according to dialog context. Mechanisms for dialog processing in the interface system are also discussed at the last of the paper.

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