Title: An Utterance Prediction Method Based on the Topic Transition Model
Authors: Y.Yamashita, T.Hiramatsu, O.Kakusho and R.Mizoguchi
Referebce: IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, E78-D, 6, pp.622-628 (1995).

Abstract: This paper describes a method for predicting the user's next utterances in spoken dialog based on the topic transition model, named TPN. Some templates are prepared for each utterance pair pattern modeled by SR-plan. They are represented in terms of five kinds of topic-independent constituents in sentences. The topic of an utterance is predicted based on the TPN model and it instantiates the templates. The language processing unit analyzes the speech recognition result using the templates. An experiment shows that the introduction of the TPN model improves the performance of utterance recognition and it drastically reduces the search space of candidates in the input bunsetsu lattice.

Keywords: Utterance prediction, Topic, Dialog model, Spoken dialog understanding